Storage Design for Business Continuity
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Storage Disaster Recovery

  • Purpose of storage disaster recovery is driven by business requirements. This is used to prevent one or more failures of hardware or software resulting in data loss at a site to site level.
  • The common understanding of storage disaster recovery is redundancy between sites for servers and storage arrays.
  • Storage Disaster Recovery can be viewed from these aspects:
  • Multiple servers replicating single storage devices across multiple sites.
  • Multiple servers replicating transaction changes across multiple sites.
  • Storage Arrays replicating across multiple frames across diverse locations. (Site to Site replication)
  • Replication can be synchronous or asynchronous
  • Each of these aspects of Disaster Recovery can be found within the Mt Xia environment or that of its clients

  • For assistance with designing, implementing, and supporting your storage systems in a business continuity design structure, please contact Mt Xia.

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