What is High Availability


High Availability is an automated process for minimizing business function downtime associated with planned or unplanned outages. Typically utilizes replicated hardware platforms to eliminate single points of failure. The business function fail-over normally occurs between two or more physical frames within the same data center using a single shared storage system.


HACMP Introduction Slide Show
This slide show provides an introduction to HACMP concepts, design, implementation, and support. The concepts described here are intended to be implemented as part of an enterprise wide mentality of business continuity.

AIX - Self-Service and On-Demand

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Leasing

Only Pay for What You Need, When You Need It

No Contracts or long Term Agreements

Site Ox is now offering it's customers a new and improved self-service capabiltiy to modify their AIX LPAR leases on an as needed basis and on-demand.

Previously the AIX self-service automatic deployment system allowed customers to select a lease period on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And it allowed the customer to select the number of CPU's and amount of memory to assign to their LPAR. Then if the customer wanted to renew the lease, they had to renew using the original lease period, cpu, and memory selections.

The new enhanced AIX self-serve automatic deployment system allows customers to renew LPARs and select different lease periods, number of CPUs, and amount of memory.

So if a customer had originally leased an AIX LPAR as follows:

The new enhanced capabilities will allow the customer to renew their LPAR leases and choose different values for the LPAR resources, for example, thru the self-service interface they could change the lease to the following:

This additional capability provides the perfect AIX development environment for those who need to perform software development on a limited budget and only want to pay for the exact resources they need, when they need them.

This Site Ox Self-Service On-Demand AIX environment is at the pinnacle of Automated Cloud Based offerings in the world today. No other company in the world is currently offering equivalent capabilities for the AIX Operating System.