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Program: checklist-3.2 - System Verification Checklist Shell Script

20160704_checklist-3.2.tar.gz (Download)

This is a description of why this set of checklist scripts exist and the purpose they serve.

History of Checklist-3.2 - System Verification Scripts

  • Multi Operating System
    • IBM AIX
    • Solaris
    • HPUX
    • Linux
    • Cygwin
    • Windows with Ubuntu
  • Multi-shell Enabled
    • Korn Shell (ksh93)
    • Bash Shell (bash)
    • Zshell (zsh)
  • LocalRemote Enabled
    • Runs locally or thru SSH to remote system
  • AutoContent enabled
    • Self Documenting Scripts
    • Uses Grutatxt Markup

In today's data center environment procedures and techniques change very rapidly, and it is usually impossible to create a procedure document for performing a task that is not obsolete the second it is created. New and better techniques are created constantly by the administrators performing the tasks. Therefore it is a waste of time, energy, and money to focus efforts on attempting to force the administrators to perform procedures that are out of date and obsolete. Furthermore, continuously updating the procedure document can be a full time job for the entire team.

A better approach may be to focus on the end result.

If an automated method of verifying the end result can be developed which performs an analysis of the system/environment, and produces a pass/fail report, then it doesn't matter how the system or environment was built. The important thing is the final product conforms to the desired result, is consistent, and is verifiable.

This set of checklist scripts provides this capability across multiple platforms including AIX, HPUX, Solaris, and any Linux Distro. With a little work, it could also perform this task for Windows using PowerShell.

Each line of the checklist output is the result of running a command, capturing the result, determining success or failure, and displaying the result in an HTML based table.

Adding or deleting lines from the output table is as simple as adding or deleting a configuration file. Each configuration file contains information to execute a command in multiple operating systems. So there is a single configuration file that executes variations on the same commands associated with each operating system. This permits unlimited variability in the checklist content and extensibility.

The order of the output report is configurable by modifying the name of the configuration file. The configuration files are executed in the ASCII text order of the file names associated with each config file.

Verification Checklist

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