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kshAuth - Authentication and Authorization System for Apache Web Server


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kshAuth - Authentication and Authorization Interface for Apache 2.2+ Web Server

Version 0.2

Instructions for integrating kshAuth into your existing web site look-and-feel

kshAuth provides the ability to easily integrate into your existing web site look-and-feel. When any of the kshAuth utilities are executed, they search backwards up the directory tree from your current working directory, for any file named "HEADER.shtml" or "README.shtml". If it finds these files, the content of these files into the current page.

The content of "HEADER.shtml" is included first. Then the content of the kshAuth utility is displayed. Finally the contents of the "README.shtml" file is included.

So if either of these files exist anywhere in a parent directory of the kshAuth structure, they will be used as part of the page content on every page.

NOTE: The suffix ".shtml" is used on both "HEADER.shtml" and "README.shtml". This means Apache SSI directives may be used inside these files to include other files if desired, for example the content of the "HEADER.shtml" may be a single statement to include an existing "HEADER.html" file:

<!--#include file="./README.html" -->


<!--#include virtual="./README.html" -->

The only Apache SSI directives supported by kshAuth are shown above. Any HTML files may be included using these directives, not just the HEADER and README files. If an included file contains Apache SSI include directives, those files will also be included, recursively for however many levels of inclusion are specified.


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