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Home Page

This page describes and provides links to interesting and widely ported text editors other than MicroEMACS. I realize that they are few and far between, but that is also another reason to list them here.

  • JASSPA Distribution of MicroEMACS Official Site
  • JASSPA Distribution of MicroEMACS `99 Beta
  • JASSPA Distribution of MicroEMACS `98
  • A much enhanced version of the Daniel Lawrence's original MicroEmacs 3.8 of 1988. It is stressed that although Daniel Lawrence's 3.8 version was used as a base, he has had no involvement in the development of this distribution.
  • An Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users, working across platforms by providing a consistent interface under UNIX, Microsoft Windows '95/'98/NT and DOS operating systems.
  • Fully featured editor, retaining the lightness of the original MicroEmacs 3.8 with much enhanced capability.
  • Small memory and disk footprint.
  • CRiSP text editor
    CRiSP is a modern file editor suitable for developers and other professionals who need to edit files on multiple Unix and Windows platforms. It incorporates most of the advanced concepts of vi, Emacs, BRIEF and various Windows products while presenting the most intuitive user interface possible.
  • The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page
    VIM is an improved version of the editor "vi", one of the standard text editors on UNIX systems. VIM adds many of the features that you would expect in an editor: Unlimited undo, sytax coloring, split windows, visual selection, gui support, and much more. VIM runs on many operating systems and is FREE.

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