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VIO WLM Enable

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Procedure to enable centralized statistics gathering from a VIO server via WLM

The Virtual I/O (VIO) servers should not have extraneous software installed on them, therefore the performance toolbox software is not installed or enabled. However the Workload Manager (WLM) is installed and should be enabled in passive mode. The procedure to enable WLM on the VIO servers follows:

This procedure assumes there is a centralized storage location for the WLM statistics shared to the VIO server via NFS. In the following example the centralized storage is located on the NIM server whose hostname is "dalapnim01". The specific directory being shared via NFS from "dalapnim01" is "/prfdmce0".

This procedure also uses an example VIO server hostname of "daladvio01".

Establish the NFS mount from the centralized NFS storage location.

/usr/sbin/mknfsmnt -f /prfdmce0 -d /prfdmce0 -h dalapnim01-mc2 -M sys -t rw -w bg -ABSXYZ -jqg

Add a directory to the centralized NFS storage location to contain the statistics files from the VIO server.

mkdir -p /prfdmce0/ddadvio01/wlm

Add a record line to "/etc/inittab" to start the WLM statistics gathering daemon

mkitab 'ptxwlm:2:respawn:/usr/bin/xmwlm -d /prfdmce0/daladvio01/wlm -n xmwlm > /dev/null 2>&1'

Start the WLM in "passive" mode.

/usr/sbin/wlmcntrl -p > /dev/console 2>&1

Add a record to the "/etc/inittab" to start the WLM at system boot time.

mkitab -i rc 'wlm:2:once:/usr/sbin/wlmcntrl -p > /dev/console 2>&1'


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