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JFS Log Logical Volume Name Standards

The following is a description of the standards for assigning AIX JFS Log Logical Volume (JFS Log LV) names. A single standard has been developed for use in standalone, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery environments. This JFS Log LV naming standard provides the mechanism to assign enterprise wide unique names to all AIX JFS Log LV's and will eliminate naming conflicts in the event of a manual or automated failover, or if multiple instances of an application are running on a single server.

To assign enterprise wide unique JFS Log LV names, the system administrator must first define the resource groups names. Once the resource group names have been defined, then a Volume Group (VG) must be defined based on the RG name. After the VG has been created, JFS Log LV's can be assigned. A VG will typically contain one JFS Log LV's, however multiple JFS Log LV's can exist.

To define a JFS Log LV name, obtain the 8 character resource group name, then add the 4 digit logical volume sequence identifier that will uniquely identify the JFS Log LV, followed by the characters "lv". The 4 digit JFS Log LV sequence identifier will consist of the characters "jfs" followed by a single digit to uniquely identify the JFS Log LV. The JFS Log LV name will always end with the characters "lv".

The JFS Log LV name shall consist of exactly 14 characters with the following structure:

ApplicationCode + Environment + Function + Company + Sequence ID +  "jfs" + JFS Log Sequence ID + "lv"
     3 char     +    1 char   +  1 char  +  2 char +   1 char    + 3 char +       1 char        + 2 char

As an example, a resource group named "egaapmx0", may have a volume group named "egaapmx00vg". This volume group may have multiple JFS Log LV's associated with it:

RG Name
Sequence ID
LV Name
egaapmx0 jfs0 lv egaapmx0jfs0lv
egaapmx0 jfs1 lv egaapmx0jfs1lv
egaapmx0 jfs2 lv egaapmx0jfs2lv

JFS filesystems will require a logical volume for the JFS log. This must also have an enterprise wide unique name.


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