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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / High Availability
Data Center Automation / Audit Response / Audit Compliance

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Dana French
Mt Xia

Offices in:

  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • Oklahoma City

IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I license the VLPARtm automated deployment appliance for business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, and virtualization?

For licensing information about VLPARtm Contact Dana French, president, Mt Xia Inc.

Where can I obtain business continuity methodologies, policies, standards, and procedures?

Many of the business continuity methodologies, policies, guidelines standards and procedures developed by Mt Xia are freely available at the following URL: Continuity/index.shtml

Where can I attend an instructor led Disaster Recovery class?

Mr. Dana French teaches the class titled "Disaster Recovery Planning for the Enterprise" through Learning Tree International. Please refer to the following URL for class description, availability, and schedule:

Where can I obtain the "shell curses" library of shell functions?

The "shell curses" library of shell functions is available at the following URLs:

Where can I obtain the "Shell Based Unix Utilities" library of shell functions?

The "shunix" libraries are now available on SourceForge at the following URL:

Where can I obtain a shell scripting template?

A standardized Korn Shell 93 script template can be obtained at the following URL:

Where can I obtain books written by by Dana French?

Books written by Dana French are listed at the following URL:

Where can I obtain published articles written by Dana French?

Dana French publishes regularly in "AIX Update" journal. Please refer to the following URL for further information: AIX Update Journal


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