This document describes the procedures for creating and executing an implementation plan. A complete implementation plan should be created and followed for every project performed by members of the Database and/or Opensystems Group.

  1. Describe the goals and objectives of the implementation.
  2. Describe the implementation requirements.
  3. Describe how a successful implementation will be verified and/or confirmed.
  4. Provide a list of documentation updates required due to execution of this implementation.
  5. Create detailed checklist for each task to perform.
  6. Plan should contain checkpoints in time.
  7. Submit plan to peer for review and comments.
  8. Submit plan and comments from peer review to group leader.
  9. After implementation plan has been reviewed by peer and group leader, send to director of Fort Worth Data Center.
  10. Submit RFC.
  11. If execution of implementation of plan is over timeline more than 10 minutes, contact group leader.
  12. Perform documentation updates.
  13. Close RFC.