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vLPAR Automated Deployment Appliance for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and Virtualization

Virtual Logical Partition Automated Robot


Thinking inside the box...

Mt Xia delivers automated solutions for deploying business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR), high availability (HA), and virtualization (VIO) as a consumer commodity. This packaged solution called vLPARtm is sold by Mt Xia as an appliance that can plug directly into your datacenter and reduce your administration costs by 75%. vLPARtm can also increase your profits by fully implementing IBM Power 5 architectures and over-subscribing available hardware resources to multiple customers, thus maximizing your return-on-investment (ROI).

The business continuity methodology developed by Mt Xia and implemented by vLPARtm is characterized by a "build once, run anywhere" mentality. This phrase is meant to illustrate the concept of "containerized" business functions, where all resources related to supporting a business function are grouped together in such a way as to be able to run on any compatible system, in any datacenter, anywhere in the world.

Each component and piece of a containerized business function is constructed using enterprise wide unique identifiers so that naming and numbering conflicts are eliminated, thus enabling the "build once, run anywhere" mentality. In fact, this container concept enables multiple containers to run simultaneously on the same system, which is a common practice when implementing a disaster recovery plan. In disaster recovery operations, production systems are commonly consolidated onto a single system in the disaster recovery environment.

With vLPARtm, a datacenter operator has the ability to offer on-demand disaster recovery / high availability clusters, or standalone systems, built in real-time, and all of them being generated by the customer from a simple web based interface.

For a customer to create their own BC/DR/HA/VIO solutions, they only need to complete one simple web form. Their request is automatically processed and system(s) are created in a matter of minutes, they are notified upon completion and provided with a login name and password to a fully functional cluster of systems. (DR/HA).

vLPARtm is a true on-demand, turn-key computing solution delivered as a consumer commodity providing automated deployment of business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability and virtualized solutions. These solutions include standardized architectures, service level agreements (SLA), billing structures, and automatically generated documentation.

vLPARtm Press Release

vLPARtm provides and fully implements all of the following features:

  • Consumer oriented web based interface to automatically create in real-time:
    • Disaster Recovery / High Availability multi-node clusters
    • High Availability multi-node clusters
    • Standalone systems
  • Real-time creation/configuration of all systems
    • Eliminates wasted resources sitting idle waiting for customer
  • Real-time automated creation/configuration of automated high availabilty
  • Real-time automated creation/configuration of disaster recovery resources
  • Real-time automated creation/configuration of business continuity structures
  • CPU Micropartitioning
  • Dynamic resizing of CPU resources based on system load
  • Dynamic resizing of Memory resources based on system load
  • Redundant access to storage
  • Redundant access to networking
  • "Build once, run anywhere" business continuity design structure
  • Disaster recovery failover to any location
  • High availability failover to another hardware platform
  • Virtualized I/O resources with redundant connections
  • Standardized architecture design
  • Standardized Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Standardized customer billing structures
  • State-of-the-Art policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures
  • Automatically generated disaster recovery documentation
  • Automatically generated high availability cluster documentation
  • Automatically generated manual fail-over documentation

Additional packages integrated into vLPAR:

  • Orwell Disaster Recovery System (Mt Xia, et al)
  • AMMS - Automated Microcode Management System (Mt Xia)
  • OpenCMDB - Web based Configuration Management Database (Open Source)
  • Automated IP address allocation and management (Mt Xia)
  • Automated Documentation generator (Mt Xia)
  • Automated Web based documentation management (Mt Xia)
  • kshAuth - Web based authorization and authentication system (Mt Xia)
  • VIOS - VIO Server - Virtual I/O Server (IBM)
  • HMC - Hardware Management Console (IBM)
  • NIM - Network Installation Manager (IBM)
  • HACMP - High Availability Clustered Multi-Processing (IBM)
  • PLM - Partition Load Manager (IBM)
  • WLM - Work Load Load Manager (IBM)
  • DDNS - Dynamic DNS - Dynamic Domain Name Service (Open Source)

vLPAR Automated Deployment Appliance for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and Virtualization

High Availability Guidelines

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