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0: NIM - Network Install Manager
1: Introduction
2: Scope
3: Types of NIM OS Installs
4: Operating System Installation
5: NIM Patch Management
6: Maintenance Booting
7: Diskless Booting
8: Software Installation
9: Software Installation (continued)
10: AIX and Linux Management
11: NIM Interface
12: NIM Server Design and Organization
13: NIM Server Resources
14: NIM Server Resources (continued)
15: NIM Server Operations
16: NIM Server Operations (continued)
17: NIM Server Operations (continued)
18: NIM Server Structure
19: Resource Class
20: Resource Class (continued)
21: Resource Class (continued)
22: Resource Class bosinst_data
23: Resource Class image_data
24: Resource Class resolv_conf
25: Resource Class spot
26: Resource Class mksysb
27: Resource Class lpp_source
28: Resource Class lpp_source/aix
29: Resource Class lpp_source/aix
30: Resource Class lpp_source/hacmpes
31: Resource Class lpp_source/hitachi
32: Resource Class lpp_source/hitachi
33: NIM Server Standards

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Types of NIM OS Installs

  • RTE

    • Same as a single disk or most basic of installs to get an operating system on a server instance that will boot.
    • This is the fastest install.
  • Spot

    • This is a full and customizable installation of a selected AIX OS level that can include patches and/or specific software.
    • This is generally the slowest of installs

    • This is instituted in one of two ways:

      • Clone Install of a system
      • Bare Metal Restore of a systems root volume group.
    • Takes an exact image of one system and keeps all file-sets intact while installing any hardware specific requirements to a new host.
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