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0: High Availability
1: Introduction
2: Scope
3: Concepts
4: SPOFs
5: Resource Groups
6: Resource Group Failover
7: Disk Access
8: Hot-standby configuratio
9: Mutual takeove
10: Third party takeover
11: Third party takeover
12: Dual Networks
13: Network Adapter Labels
14: Synchronization
15: Cluster Topology
16: Configured Clusters
17: NFS
18: Cascading
19: Cascading
20: Cascading
21: Rotating
22: Concurrent
23: Concurrent
24: Concurrent
25: HACMP Policies
26: HACMP Guidelines
27: HACMP Standards
28: HACMP Procedures

HACMP Introduction

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HACMP Guidelines

  • HACMP v5.2 is Current desired Version

  • Oracle database's will normally be implemented in a non-concurrent access cluster

    • Current exception to this guideline is eGate
  • Application servers will normally be implemented in 2-way cascading clusters

  • In the new P590 Virtual environment, HACMP will be implemented in a 1-way cascading cluster with failover to a standby node built with minimal resources.

For assistance with designing, implementing, supporting, and automating your High Availability (HACMP) environments, please contact Mt Xia.

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HACMP Introduction
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