Mt Xia: Technical Consulting Group

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / High Availability
Data Center Automation / Audit Response / Audit Compliance

Who We Are

We are an association of highly advanced technical experts and we normally work with medium to large size businesses to develop and implement Business Continuity strategies and solutions related to Information Technology.

Mt Xia Inc. has offices in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. We perform technical consulting work all over the United States and internationally.

We specialize in business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, virtualization, data center automation and consolidation, audit compliance, and audit response.

IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert

vLPAR is a registered trademark of TriParadigm LLC

AIX is a registered trademark of IBM (International Business Machines)

HACMP is a registered trademark of IBM (International Business Machines)

The name "Mt Xia" is simply the reverse spelling of AIXTM, and was chosen to reflect our technical focus associated with the IBM AIX operating System. UNIX operating systems have a long history associated with reverse spelling of names.

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