What is eStorLink?

o A tool to automate file movement between applications
  on a heterogeneous or homogeneous network

o A tool with automated fail-over communications support

o A tool to automate printer management on a heterogeneous
  or homogeneous network

o A product for retailers who have remote sites that require 
  an integrated, no-worry communication system.

o A solution that automates file movement, controls data,
  and manages with integrity no matter how large your 
  network may be.

eStorLink can provide an efficient, automated communication system for a
widely distributed network.  eStorLink utilizes tried-and-true
communications technology which has been in continuous operation for
over 30 years.  Automated fail-over can be implemented to provide
redundant communication paths.  As many redundant paths can be
implemented as desired each utilizing a different communication
mechanism and/or protocol.