Contained here are Perl Scripts. You are free to download and evaluate these scripts. If you choose to continue to use these scripts in a commercial environment, you will be required to obtain a license for this purpose. Please contact Mt Xia for licensing details.

AIX ODM Perl Module
Retrieves AIX ODM information into Perl arrays.
  • Download AIX ODM Perl Module

  • omsEnhanced: Enhanced version of the On-demand Monitoring System (OMS) Tool for the Partition Load Manager (PLM)
    Statistics graphing system based on the the original On-demand Monitoring System (OMS) tool for the Partition Load Manager (PLM) by This enhanced version of OMS for PLM includes memory statistics, whereas the original version did not. The enhanced version also moves the entire directory structure one level lower to facilitate easier integration into existing Apache Web Server environments. The enhancements were added by of Mt Xia Inc.
  • Download OMS for PLM
  • The OMS for PLM uses the RRD tool
  • OMS for PLM Installation Instructions

  • Create an IBM Power5/6 VIOS LPAR
    Perl script that creates an IBM Power5 or Power6 VIOS LPAR.
  • Download script to create an VIOS LPAR