kshAuth - Authentication and Authorization Interface for Apache 2.2+ Web Server

This set of scripts provide a web based interface for implementing password protection on web sites served by an Apache web server. These scripts are written in Korn Shell 93 shell syntax and make use of the Apache utility "htpasswd", which is used to generate and modify passwords, and controlled by the ".htaccess" file.

The original purpose of "kshAuth" was to provide minimal protection for an internal documentation server. It is not designed for use with public access web servers.

The features of this system include the ability to designate one or more administrators to manage one or more directories under control of kshAuth. Administrators have the ability to grant or deny user access to directories they administer. They have the ability to place a directory under password protection or remove it from protection. Additionally an administrator may delegate administrator authority to another user.


Functions Provided:

Download kshAuth Software
A gzipped tarball containing the kshAuth software and documentation.
kshAuth-0.3 Version 0.3
kshAuth-0.2 Version 0.2
kshAuth Demonstration pages:
These demonstration pages are non-functional and provide the ability to see how the kshAuth utilities function.
Installation Instructions:
Instructions for installing kshAuth on a system already running an Apache web server.
A tutorial for kshAuth that describes each component provided.
Change top level kshAuth Directory:
Instructions to change the top level kshAuth directory structure to any other user defined directory.
Integrate kshAuth into your Look-and-Feel:
kshAuth allows you to integrate it into your existing web site look-and-feel to provide a seemless navigation experience.