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NOTE: Contained here are links to the MicroEMACS binaries for numerous operating systems. Most of these binaries have a ".bin" file extension as a signal to your browser to download the file in binary mode. You will need to rename the ".bin" file to suit your particular operating system.

  Original MicroEMACS Site (url)
  uemacs 3.11 User Manual (pdf) (MS Win hlp) (ps)
  uemacs 3.12 User Manual (pdf) (MS Win hlp) (html) (txt) (mss)
  uemacs 4.00 User Manual (pdf) (MS Win hlp) (html)
  uemacs Quick Reference Guide (html)
  uemacs Quick Reference Tri-Fold Card (pdf) (url)
  uemacs Tutorial (html)

  uemacs 3.09 for AIX (vt100) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.09 for Z80/CPM (tar.gz)
  uemacs 3.09 for CPM/Z100 (lzh)

  uemacs 3.10 for AIX 4 (bin)
  uemacs 3.10 for Amiga (bin) (exe) (url)
  uemacs 3.10 for Linux (bin)
  uemacs 3.10 for MacIntosh (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.10 for Sun 4 sparc (bin)
  uemacs 3.10 for Solaris x86 (bin)

  uemacs 3.11 for Atari (B&W) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for Atari (Color) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for Atari ST (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for Atari (Termcap) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for HP:UX (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11c for Windows NT (Intel) GUI (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for Sinclair QL (QDOS) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11 for QNX 4 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.11c for Windows 95 (bin) (exe)

  uemacs 3.12 for AIX (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Amiga (bin) (exe) (url)
  uemacs 3.12 for Cygwin (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for MS/DOS w/ ANSI graphics (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Atari (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for MS/DOS w/ DMPI (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for PCDOS (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Falcon-MiNT-MTOS (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Free BSD (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for HP:UX 10.20 HP 9000/700 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Irix 4.0.5 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Linux (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows CE MIPS (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for NetBSD (bin)
  uemacs 3.12 for NCR SVR4 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows NT (Alpha) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows NT (Intel) (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for OS/2 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for QNX 4 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for SCO (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for SUN sparc (bin)
  uemacs 3.12 for SUN x86 (bin)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows CE SH3 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for OpenVMS/Alpha 6.2 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for OpenVMS/VAX 5.5-2H4 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows 3.1 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 3.12 for Windows 95 (bin) (exe)

  uemacs 3.7.1 for UnixWare (bin) (exe)

  uemacs 4.00 for MS/DOS w/ ANSI graphics (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for MS/DOS w/ DMPI (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for PCDOS (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for HP:UX HP 9000/700 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Irix 6.2 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Windows NT (Intel) Console (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Windows NT (Intel) GUI (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for OpenBSD (i386 bin) (VAX bin) (Sparc bin)
  uemacs 4.00 for OS/2 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for OS-9 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Redhat Linux (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for PowerPC SUSe Linux (ppc-bin)
  uemacs 4.00 for SunOS sparc (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for DEC OSF/1 3.0 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for DEC OSF/1 3.0 (tar.gz)
  uemacs 4.00 for OpenVMS/VAX (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Windows 3.1 (bin) (exe)
  uemacs 4.00 for Solaris x86 (bin) (url)
  uemacs 4.00 for OS/2 (zip) (url)
  uemacs 4.00 for QDOS/SMS (zip)

  uemacs 4.04 for Cygwin (bin) (exe) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for Darwin (bin) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for HP/UX (bin) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for Linux (intel) (ppc) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for Windows NT (Intel) Console (bin) (exe) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for Windows NT (Intel) GUI (bin) (exe) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for OS9 (bin) (url)
  uemacs 4.04 for Solaris sparc (bin) (exe) (url)

  uemacs 4.0.15 for AIX (vt100) (bin)

  uemacs 5.00 for Windows NT (Intel) Console (exe)

  Mg uemacs 0.72 for H/PC pro CE 2.11 or higher (MIPS) (StrongARM) (SH3) (SH4) (url) (src)
  Mg uemacs 0.72 for Pocket PC CE 3.0 or higher (MIPS) (StrongARM) (SH3) (url) (src)
  uemacs for PDA Sharp GL-5500 Zaurus (url)

  uemacs 3.12 Source Code (tar.gz)
  uemacs 4.00 Source Code (tar.gz)
  Jasspa MicroEMACS
  Other Widely Ported Editors
  Emacs Books
  uemacs HTML Generator Macros
  Various MicroEMACS Macros


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