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AIX Workload Manager Design

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WLM Configuration

  • WLM has multiple methods by which it can be configured:

    • Command line editing of files in "/etc/wlm"
    • smitty wlm
    • WebSM
  • Class definitions: /etc/wlm/standard/classes

  • Classification rules: /etc/wlm/standard/rules

  • Process limits: /etc/wlm/standard/limits

  • Subclass definitions: /etc/wlm/standard/<subclassName>/classes

  • Subclass rules: /etc/wlm/standard/<subclassName>/rules

  • Subclass process limits: /etc/wlm/standard/<subclassName>/limits

For assistance with Workload Manager, Datacenter Automation, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Virtualization, and Live Partition Mobility, please contact Mt Xia.

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WLM Home
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