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vLPAR Slide List

0: vLPAR Introduction
1: What is vLPAR?
2: vLPAR Goals
3: vLPAR Features
4: BC Activities
5: SLA Structures
6: Tier 1: BC/HA/DR/HA
7: Tier 2: BC/HA/DR
8: Tier 3: BC/DR
9: Tier 4: BC/HA
10: Tier 5: BC
11: Dual VIO Server Design
12: High Availability
13: Disaster Recovery
14: DR (continued)
15: Tier 1: Frame View
16: Summary

vLPAR Introduction

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Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster recovery is defined here as a manual process between two or more frames in multiple data centers.

  • Data replication between datacenters

    • Software Based Replication
    • SAN Based Replication
    • Other Hardware Based Replication
  • Single or multiple frames in DR site

  • Dual VIO Servers in DR provisions

  • Failover cluster or standalone DR node

  • Disaster Recovery LPAR scenario's

    • Prepared, but deactivated standby LPAR's
    • Hot-Standby LPAR's
    • Active LPAR's providing alternate business function
      • To be reconfigured in the event of DR

For assistance with Datacenter Automation, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Virtualization, and Live Partition Mobility, please contact Mt Xia.

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