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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / High Availability
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Slide 1: Overview
Slide 2: The Problem
Slide 3: The Solution
Slide 4: Opportunity and Market
Slide 5: Technology
Slide 6: Unique Competitive Advantages
Slide 7: Competitive Landscape
Slide 8: Go to Market Strategy
Slide 9: Financial Roadmap
Whats behind the financial slide?
Slide 10: The Team
Slide 11: Current Status
Slide 12: Summary

Venture Capital Presentation Template

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Slide 10: The Team

  • Previous relevant accomplishments

    • Include academic credentials
  • How does this team work together?

  • Be honest - who's missing?

    • Discuss your hiring plan to fill key slots
  • Relate to unique competitive advantages

  • Emphasize what YOU bring to the table

    • The CEO is the most critical team member
    • Demonstrate your competence through your presentation

For information about this Venture Capital Presentation Template, please contact Mt Xia.

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