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Storage Design for Business Continuity

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Storage Disaster Recovery

  • Purpose of storage disaster recovery is driven by business requirements. This is used to prevent one or more failures of hardware or software resulting in data loss at a site to site level.

  • The common understanding of storage disaster recovery is redundancy between sites for servers and storage arrays.

  • Storage Disaster Recovery can be viewed from these aspects:

    • Multiple servers replicating single storage devices across multiple sites.
    • Multiple servers replicating transaction changes across multiple sites.
    • Storage Arrays replicating across multiple frames across diverse locations. (Site to Site replication)
  • Replication can be synchronous or asynchronous

  • Each of these aspects of Disaster Recovery can be found within the Mt Xia environment or that of its clients

For assistance with designing, implementing, and supporting your storage systems in a business continuity design structure, please contact Mt Xia.

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