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Storage Design for Business Continuity

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Working with HDS Command Utilities (cont)

  • Bare metal installations and maintenance booting will require knowledge of location codes.

  • Volume group management will require knowledge of PVID's, Hdisk names, and DLM names.

  • The standard AIX utilities "lspv", "lsdev", "lsattr", and "lscfg" provide some of this information

  • The Hitachi HDLM utilities exist in the directory "/usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin" on each SAN attached system.

  • The primary HDLM tool for obtaining disk information is "dlnkmgr".

  • Hitachi DLM utilities is an older HDS Command utility that still exists within the Mt Xia environment and has a separate set of command utilities

  • Example scripts to generate this disk identification information exist at the following URL:

    • /css/GlobalSysAdmin/AIX/dlmfdrvmap.shtml

For assistance with designing, implementing, and supporting your storage systems in a business continuity design structure, please contact Mt Xia.

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