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4: Definition of Terms
5: Definition of Terms (continued)
6: Definition of Terms (continued)
7: Definition of Terms (continued)
8: Definition of Terms (continued)
9: Example Architecture Tiers
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12: Tier 3: BC/DR
13: Tier 4: BC/HA
14: Tier 5: BC
15: Standardized SLA
16: Standardized SLA (continued)
17: Standardized SLA (continued)
18: Standardized SLA (continued)
19: Standardized SLA (continued)
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Service Level Agreements

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Definition of Terms (continued)

  • Frame

    • A physical computing device, may host one or more partitions or logical systems.
  • Partition

    • A logical grouping of resources such as CPU, Memory, network and SAN adapters.
  • CPU

    • May be shared between multiple systems simultaneously.
    • Allocated and Deallocated on an as needed basis.
    • SLA may address number of CPUs provided, not underlying processing units.
  • Memory

    • Assigned to a single system at a time.
    • May be allocated and deallocated on an as needed basis.
    • May be reassigned during off-peak processing times.

For assistance with designing, writing, implementing, and supporting your Service Level Agreements (SLA), please contact Mt Xia.

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SLA Design
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