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17: Standardized SLA (continued)
18: Standardized SLA (continued)
19: Standardized SLA (continued)
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Service Level Agreements

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Standardized Service Level Agreements (continued)

  • SLA Hardware Provisions

    • CPU can be guaranteed by number of CPU's (virtual or logical).
      • Underlying processing units associated with CPU's is NOT guaranteed or referenced by SLA.
      • Processing units are dynamic and controlled by service provider.
    • Memory
      • Unused memory may be reallocated dynamically to other LPARs.
    • Network bandwidth
      • May be shared or dedicated depending upon business function requirements.
    • Storage
      • Multi-tiered to accommodate tiered service structure.
    • Data Replication
      • Sync or Async replication between SANs.
      • Tape with automated replication between data centers.
      • Tape with off-site storage.
      • Local Tape only.

For assistance with designing, writing, implementing, and supporting your Service Level Agreements (SLA), please contact Mt Xia.

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