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Service Level Agreements

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Standardized Service Level Agreements (continued)

  • Uptime / Downtime Compliance

    • Downtime specified by the SLA is a compliance requirement.
      • Rescheduling requires management approval.
      • Missed downtime (due to request by the business function owner) suspends SLA compliance requirements until the downtime is performed.
      • Missed downtime (due to request by the business function owner) is credited to the service provider for future outages, regardless of whether it is rescheduled for a later date.
      • Any outages during a suspended SLA is charged against the business function owner, not the service provider.
      • The SLA can only be re-activated by performing the missed downtime, or by performing the next scheduled downtime.
    • Outages associated with mandatory SLA downtime is scheduled a year in advance.
      • Eliminates excuses that scheduled downtime was not known about.
      • Eliminates excuses for scheduling conflicts.

For assistance with designing, writing, implementing, and supporting your Service Level Agreements (SLA), please contact Mt Xia.

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