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0: PLM - Install/Config
1: Introduction
2: Scope
3: CPU Resources
4: PLM Purpose
5: PLM is a normal AIX fileset
6: PLM is a "policy" based tool
7: Policy files
8: Each LPAR to be managed
9: Start a PLM instance
10: Questions?

Partition Load Manager

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PLM Installation

  • PLM is a normal AIX fileset that may be installed on any system with access to the HMC(s) and access to the managed LPARs

  • Experience has shown the NIM server is a good location to install the PLM software

    • NIM usually has access to all LPARs
    • NIM can easily be granted access to all HMCs
  • The PLM installation will require:

    • csm.client fileset on the PLM server and all client LPARs
    • ssh to access the HMC
    • rsh for initial access to each LPAR
      • Can be turned off after initial access

For assistance with designing, implementing, and supporting, your automated CPU and Memory allocation and deallocation using Partition Load Manager (PLM), please contact Mt Xia.

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