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BIA Home
0: Business Impact Analysis
1: Objectives
2: DRP for the Enterprise
3: Business Impact Analysis
4: Purpose of BIA
5: The BIA Process
6: Business Impact Analysis
7: Membership of BIA Team
8: Who Contributes to BIA
9: BIA Detailed and Local Knowledge
10: Business Impact Analysis
11: Gathering BIA Data
12: BIA Questionnaires
13: BIA Interviews
14: BIA Workshops
15: Business Impact Analysis
16: Business Perspective of BIA
17: IT Perspective of BIA
18: Recovery Plan Document
19: Business Impact Analysis
21: Application Categories
22: Summary

Business Impact Analysis Outline

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  • In this outline, we have seen that BIA concerns

    • Identifying the cost of disruption in functional and financial terms
    • Setting priority for restoring applications according to business needs
  • Meaningful BIA is dependent on

    • Appropriate contributors
    • Appropriate data gathering techniques
  • BIA output is viewed from two perspectives

    • Business Perspective
      • People, processes, non-IT resources, recovery time, musts/wants
    • IT Perspective
      • Technology resources required to deliver business applications in time scale demanded

For assistance with conducting your business impact analysis, please contact Mt Xia.

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BIA Outline
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