This document references the standards implemented by Mt Xia to ensure business continuity for all business functions implemented on the AIX Power 5 architecture. Many of these standards are not specific to the Power5 architecture but are intended as enterprise wide standards for all AIX systems.

These standards have been developed over many years of supporting standalone, high availability, and disaster recovery environments. The purpose of these standards is to ensure business continuity during normal system maintenance, planned and unplanned outages, hardware and software failures, network and communication failures, and/or a disaster recovery implementation.

A design aspect of these standards is they can be implemented in a standalone, high availability, or disaster recovery scenario. Recognize that there are not multiple standards, one for each scenario, there is one single standard that is portable across all scenario's. This reduces support and training costs, and increases efficiency, supportability, recoverability, and availability.

Some of the basic concepts of these standards: