Microcode Management

Systems without an HMC

Use IBM's Microcode Discovery Service at the following URL to determine what microcode should be updated, to retrieve the microcode, and the instructions for installing the microcode.


Normally the "java applet" is used to peform the microcode discovery which requires the password for the user "invscout" to be set. This also requires internet communication from the system over port 808. To use the java applet perform the following steps on the target system:

  1. Set the password for the user "invscout"
  2. passwd invscout

  3. Clear the password administration flags on the user "invscout"

    pwdadm -c invscout

  4. Start the "invscout" daemon


  5. The system is now ready for microcode discovery via the java applet
  6. The microcode discovery service will require several pieces of information to be able to perform the survey:

Systems with an HMC

Use the facilities built into the HMC for performing microcode updates to all managed systems.