pSeries Advanced Support

Technical Support Plan

Prepared For

Capgemini Energy

July 21, 2006


Kelly Snyder

Executive Overview

IBM Advanced Support Service provides remote 24x7 hours of support and is customized to meet the specific support requirements of IBM customers. The intent of this offering is to be proactive in helping prevent system outages, and if a critical outage does occur, have processes and linkages in place to resolve the outage by engaging the appropriate technical resources within IBM.

One of the main elements of IBM Advanced Support Service is the Advanced Support team (“team”). This team will be Capgemini Energy’s single point of contact into the IBM Software Support Structure and will be familiar with your operating environment. This team consists of Technical Solutions Managers (“TSM”) who are all knowledgeable of AIX, as well as the support structure within IBM. A TSM will be assigned to Capgemini Energy and should be considered your main contact within the Advanced Support team.

This Technical Support Plan (“TSP”) is intended to provide an overview of the support Capgemini Energy will be receiving from the Advanced Support team. Please refer to the Statement of Work (“SOW”) if you have questions regarding Capgemini Energy’s actual contractual agreement with IBM.

This Technical Support Plan will cover the following:

  1. Engaging pSeries Advanced Support

  1. Response criteria unique to Capgemini Energy

  1. Status Reviews

  1. Customer Satisfaction processes

  1. pSeries Advanced Support Services Management Team

  1. Proactive/Hardware Information

  1. Contact Information

Engaging Advanced Support

Technical Solution Manager (TSM)

Capgemini Energy has been assigned Kelly Snyder to be your primary Technical Solutions Manager (TSM). Kelly will act as a focal point and advocate for Capgemini Energy into the Advanced Support Services team and IBM support. He will be responsible for the following:

  1. Tracking all Capgemini Energy calls.

  1. Advising Capgemini Energy of any program update, including new versions and release announced during the Support Period as they become commercially available. Advise of any product withdrawals from support and any new micro code, EC and Firmware that may affect Capgemini Energy's business environment

  1. Facilitating assignment of resource to enable problem resolution

In case Kelly is unavailable, Mark Troester has been assigned the backup TSM for Capgemini Energy. The Primary TSM will be responsible for escalating any call through the pSeries support structure. In the event that Capgemini Energy feels their call is not receiving the service or focus they are expecting, please use the following phone numbers to contact their assigned TSM.



AIX Advance Support Team Pager

(800) IBM-SERV Opt. 2 Enter your DAC.


Kelly Snyder



Mark Troester



Kelly Snyder will perform one on-site visit to meet the parties involved in Capgemini Energy’s Advanced Support operations environment. During the on-site visit, you will be expected to provide detailed OS, software, and hardware information, as well as an explanation of how your pSeries fit into your overall IT environment. This information is intended to give the pSeries Advanced Support Services team a better overall picture of your mission critical environment.

Placing a call to the Advanced Support Services Team

Capgemini Energy can place a software call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by:

  1. Calling 1-800-IBM-SERV and choose Option 2

  1. Entering CUSTOMER’s Direct Access Code (“DAC”): 90589

  1. Typically, you will be greeted by a member of the AIX Advanced Support Services team who will request CUSTOMER’s customer number: 1424090

Response Criteria

All Capgemini Energy calls coming into pSeries software supported Delivery will be tracked by a PMR number. All Capgemini Energy calls, irrespective of their severity, will be tracked and monitored by their Advanced Support Services Technical Solutions Manager until the call has been closed.

Capgemini Energy has contracted for the following voice response commitments from IBM:

  1. Sev 1 Calls - One hour response time during prime shift and two hours during off shift. Follow up with customer every four hours or as required.

Sev 1 Calls are defined as a system down situation. The customer is unable to use the product, which has a critical impact on operations. No backup is available.

  1. Sev 2 Calls - One hour response time during prime shift and two hours during off shift. Follow up with customer daily.

Sev 2 Calls are defined as the customer is able to use the product, but operations are severely restricted by the problem.

  1. Sev 3 & Sev 4 Calls - Two hour response time during prime shift and four hours during off shift. Follow up with customer when progress has been made.

Sev 3 Calls are defined as the customer is able to use the product with some restrictions on the function that is available. These restrictions do have an impact on the customer’s overall operation.

Sev 4 Calls are defined to be problems that cause little or no impact to the customer’s operations. A way to circumvent the problem has been found.

Capgemini Energy has contracted for the following electronic response commitments from IBM:

One hour response time means that, if Capgemini Energy’s call is not answered live, you will be contacted by a highly skilled TSM within one hour of your initial call. It does not necessarily mean that you will receive a one hour response from the technical specialist who may ultimately resolve your support issue.

Status Reviews

Kelly Snyder will be responsible for coordinating with Capgemini Energy a monthly conference call to discuss support given by the Advanced Support Services team. This is also an opportunity for Capgemini Energy to inquire about any additional requirements and discuss any upgrades or upcoming installs.

Prior to the monthly meeting, Kelly Snyder will provide Capgemini Energy with a report of their Problem Management Records (PMRs), opened and closed for the previous month. This report can be customized to meet Capgemini Energy's needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Capgemini Energy will be asked to participate in two types of customer satisfaction surveys. Once a quarter, an individual on the contact list will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey relating to a specific software problem they submitted that has been recently closed. In addition, a contact designated by Capgemini Energy, will be contacted biannually by an IBM Premium Services manager to discuss Capgemini Energy’s overall satisfaction with the Advanced Support Services offering.

pSeries Advanced Support Services Management Team

Following is the management team responsible for Advanced Support Services Delivery. Please feel free to contact them whenever you feel their assistance is needed.

Work Pager Pager Id

1. James Bashara 512-823-4270 888-385-2407 N/A

( Delivery Manager – Premium Services)

2. Sandra Barnes-Nunez 214-257-9179 214-493-9999

( Delivery Manager - Premium Services)

3. Peter Marrero 214-257-9153 817-800-3820

(Client Satisfaction Executive, Premium Services)

Proactive/Hardware Information

IBM Advanced Support will collect the information about Capgemini Energy’s hardware and software configuration once a month using Advanced Support Service’s proactive scripts. It is the responsibility of Capgemini Energy to install the scripts on their contracted systems under Advanced Support Services. IBM will run an analysis report on the information collected from Capgemini Energy's hardware/software configurations and propagate the results to the proactive website for viewing by Capgemini Energy. The proactive website will have detailed summary reports which include the filesets available on each machine, as well as the recommended IBM fixes and what problems they address.

Please note that the response times, which you have contracted under your IBM Hardware Maintenance Agreement, are not changed by your pSeries Advanced Support Service contract.

Capgemini Energy is also entitled to subscribe to pSeries Alert. This is an enhanced subscription service which includes:

The URL to access pSeries Alert is: